How to get around GamStop?

Every day we receive more and more questions from players about how to get around gamstop, so we decided to create a feature article that will answer all the most important questions of British players. More and more modern New UK Casinos offer gambling without the GamStop self-exclusion program. Exclusively for you, our experts have prepared a list of the best non-gamstop gaming platforms, unique tips for choosing both online casinos and individual gambling games. Read the article to the end, and luck will definitely not keep you waiting!

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Can you get around Gamstop? General information about the casino

GAMSTOP is a self-exclusion program that helps people control online gambling addiction. By registering with the service, players cannot use gaming websites and applications operated by companies that are members of GamStop. Registration in GAMSTOP is voluntary and free of charge. The user can choose the duration of the self-exclusion: 6 months, 1 year or 5 years. Once an account has gone into effect, users cannot stop the voluntary exclusion until the selected period has elapsed.

The only way how to cancel gamstop after the account is active is to wait for the exclusion period to end. The self-exclusion will remain in effect until you log in to your account again and request that the self-exclusion be cancelled.

However, GAMSTOP has several significant limitations. It is important to note that it is only available to residents of the UK and Northern Ireland and UKGC licensed casinos. You may not be able to get around gamstop when it takes effect, but there are some quick and easy ways to get around this problem for players who think they’ve made a mistake and want to play at an online casino.

In this case, a reasonable question arises: how to bypass gamstop? The answer is simple – check out the next section of our article, which will tell you a few interesting tricks.

Best Ways to Bypass Gamstop Self-Exclusion

Exclusively for our readers, we have prepared the top ways around gamstop in UK online casinos. So, you’ve ended up in self-exclusion, however, and now you’re on the lookout for a way around this scheme. Lucky for you, there are several ways to succeed in this. Here is a list of various patterns that will allow you to turn the tide in your favor.:ways to get around gamstop

  • Register at an online casino that is not part of GAMSTOP.
    The easiest is there a way around gamstop is to register at casinos that are not GAMSTOP partners and do not have a UKCG license.
  • Register an account in the name of your partners
    Another incredibly quick and easy way to bypass GAMSTOP is to change your account details and sign up under a different name (partner or someone you trust). Never do this without the person’s knowledge and approval. In addition, it may be necessary to use a third payment method to avoid Know Your Customer (KYC) details.
  • Use online casinos that do not require verification
    Another proven how to get past gamstop is to find and register at an online casino that does not require identity verification (KYC). In this case, Bitcoin casinos are a great option as they use anonymous transaction methods. A list of the best bitcoin casinos available in your country is available here on this site.
  • Use a VPN
    Using a VPN to change the location of your IP address will give you ways to get around gamstop outside of the UK. While this is a viable option, it might not be the best as it can lead to problems with some places when it comes to withdrawing cash. Again, it may be necessary to use a third party intermediary for transactions such as EcoPayz or online cash.
  • Play in land-based gambling establishments
    GAMSTOP only applies to online casinos and not to their land-based counterparts. If you want to get back to slots and tables and are willing to put in the effort, signing up at a brick-and-mortar casino is also an option.
  • Bypass Gamstop by waiting for the exclusion period to end
    If none of the above methods work for you, and you are still wondering “How to get around self-exclusion, casino not on gamstop”, there is a sure way that can be used as a last resort. If you wish to bet again with UK bookmakers using your details as before, you can wait until the self-exclusion period has ended. Again, you should note that UK bookmakers may flag you as a problem gambler even after the self-exclusion period has ended.
    Remember that you can get around gamstop even if the ban has expired. To do this, you need to contact Gamstop support to cancel your registration. Only after that the service will delete the player’s personal data from the database. You will again be able to use all the sites and accounts that were previously available to you.
    The option to wait a while is not the best option for players who have been on the exclusion list for 5 years, so they are looking for other ways to solve this problem. Use our recommendations to get back into the game. We advise you to take a closer look at the most popular method – registration on foreign sites with international licenses.
  • Register with bookmakers by changing your details
    This is another way how to get round gamstop. In this case, you will use your details, but you will change minor things in your first name, last name, and address, such as one or two letters. Of course, we are talking about changes that will be considered a typo and do not change your credentials until the end. You can also use a different phone number if you have a second one. However, keep in mind that sooner or later the bookies will find out what you have done and will close your account. So this may only work as a temporary solution.

The self-exclusion program is for you if the player wants to refrain from gambling for a certain amount of time. The registration procedure for Gamstop is simple and straightforward, as all you need to do is visit the official website of the scheme and the required information.

However, it has been found that many players often look for ways to play their favorite real money games after signing up for this scheme. This may be due to the fact that some players are coerced or forced to enroll in the program.

Gambling with GamStop: pros and cons

Many players wish to getting around gamstop but hesitate. Below you will find a few positive aspects of UK online casinos without GamStop:

  • ✅ Chance to find the best online casinos. This is perhaps the most obvious of all the answers. Players can explore new gaming platforms from all over the world. More bonuses and offers, high odds and the ability to use cryptocurrencies as well as your credit card are some of the reasons why remove gamstop is worth it;
  • ✅ Get rid of UKGC restrictions. While the official UK licensee UKGC tries its best to create a safe gambling environment, it also creates many obstacles. Players will no longer face betting limits, complex and demanding wagering requirements, and will no longer have to put up with not using a credit card;
  • ✅ Additional income. Professional players will get the opportunity to do what they do best. Bet on non gamstop betting sites and increase your income again. This type of player is the most disadvantaged of all in the United Kingdom since the passage of the Gambling Act, and the UKGC itself caters only to recreational players;
  • ✅ More emotions from excitement. Betting is fun, and the presence of many restrictions and restrictions greatly reduces this aspect. The latter goes back to the players as they can bet however they want, however they want without fear of being harassed by the UKGC. Of course, all three previous benefits apply if you choose to use international and offshore online casinos without GamStop.

In addition to the positive aspects of how to gamble with gamstop, our experts also found negative aspects:

  • ❌ Resolving disputes will be difficult. Since you are not dealing with UKGC, it will be difficult for you to get proper assistance in any disputes;
  • ❌ Website reliability. The less experience your new choice has, the less reliable it can be considered;
  • ❌ Mediocre customer support. This is another aspect that you may be concerned about. When betting with UK bookmakers you are used to top notch customer support, but this may not be the case with bookmakers outside of the UK;
  • ❌ Fraudulent websites on the Internet. The risk of signing up for a new account on a scam site is significant if you’re not careful, as there are new bookmakers of dubious quality popping up every day.
Eric Schfter (UK)
Eric Schfter (UK)
Casino Games Expert
You can effectively get around gamstop in the ways listed above. However, if you're struggling with an addiction and don't know how to avoid gamstop, it's a good idea to wait until the self-lock expires, as you can avoid the drawbacks listed above.


Is there an easy way to bypass Gamstop?
Can I unregister from Gamstop?
Will Gamstop work if I change my name, address or other details?
How long does a Gamstop last?
What if gambling is still banned after the end of the Gamstop?
Get Bonus
Is there an easy way to bypass Gamstop?
Yes, in order to get around gamstop you just need to choose one of our recommended online casinos from the list.
Can I unregister from Gamstop?
No, you can't unregistering from gamstop
Will Gamstop work if I change my name, address or other details?
Yes, in order for gamstop reversal you need to wait until the end of the self-exclusion period, or choose one of the recommended gaming platforms.
How long does a Gamstop last?
Depending on the player's choice of the self-exclusion period.
What if gambling is still banned after the end of the Gamstop?
I wonder how to beat gamstop? Check out the second paragraph of this article and choose one of the best gaming platforms without GamStop.