Best UK online casinos for high rollers 2022

Many people like to play casino not on gamstop. But not everyone allocates thousands of pounds to a single gaming session. For those players who have the ability to spend more money on their bets than regular users, special high roller casinos were created. These establishments are ready to offer unique privileges to their large customers. But you have to always remember that playing high stakes at highroller casino is a very risky pastime. Though, the thrill and lust for gain makes high rollers return again and again to their favorite sites to test their luck.

Online casino sites for high rollers

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Casiroom Casino
Bonus 5€
Amigo Wins casino logo
Amigo Wins Casino
150% from 40 EUR
Chillireels Casino logo
Chillireels Casino
Bonus 5€
Lucky Manor logo
Lucky Manor
Agent NoWager Casino
€5 + 10 Free Spins
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Casino napoli
Welcome bonuses
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Raptor Wins
175% from 40 EUR
Jackpot Charm Casino
€5 + 25 Free Spins
Fruity Chance Casino
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Win Diggers
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What is a casino high roller and the benefits of being a high roller

high roller casinos

So, let’s start by learning the terms. A roller is a regular (standard) casino player. High Roller is a high roller who prefers to make high stakes in any game of chance. But having a lot of money does not make a regular player a high roller. High rollers do not from time to time, but always spend a lot of money in the casino. This is their style of play. High roller casinos with high stakes and incredible special offers are designed for such players.

  • Personal support. Major players and VIPs have round-the-clock access to specially trained staff. The level of service for such players is beyond standard. The managers are able to handle all actual enquiries and needs. They serve them quickly and give special attention to VIP players.
  • Private events and tournaments. High Rollers have access to private tournaments, where large cash prizes are awarded. In most cases, participation in such tournaments is absolutely free of charge. The chances of winning, due to a limited group of people, are quite high. Administrators of casinos periodically invite high rollers to private fashion shows, sporting events, and other events as a gesture of gratitude.
  • Unique bonuses. The rewards for high rollers are much better than for regular players. High rollers can look forward to personalized gifts on special occasions. Generous bonuses allow such users to have better fun at high roller casino online .
  • High limits on deposits and withdrawals. This is a very important nuance considering the amounts that large customers are willing to use. The setting of the limits is made possible through close cooperation with the personal support team. The specialists will always take into account the player’s needs and allow them to set up a convenient withdrawal of the winnings.
  • High Cashback. A cashback bonus online casino is defined as a percentage refund of the amount of money previously spent. The cashback may be weekly or monthly. High Rollers may expect a higher percentage compared to other players
  • High rollover limits. Highrollers enjoy playing at the high limit tables. And that means they will always have a chance to win big.

There are other advantages to playing high rollers. First, playing high stakes games offers an incredible earning potential. Second, even if a player loses a few times, a big win can still cover all his losses. And the presence of bonuses makes the prospects of winning even more real. You can read more about all the features and benefits of high rollers in highroller casino review.

Conditions for highroller casino

There is no set list of requirements to become a casino high roller. Rules may vary from game site to game site. Some users are studying the experience of other clients. But it must be understood that these customers may not be high rollers, but just the lucky ones who made a big bet and got a huge win. So you should always rely on your own experience and on some factors. For example, many high roller online casino when choosing high rollers consider:

  • the period of validity of the gaming account;
  • winnings;
  • amount of bets;
  • number of games played;
  • peculiarities of client’s behavior.

Best high roller casino sites offer large customers special terms for playing, as well as assistance of a personal manager.

How to choose a high roller casino

highroller casino

Big players can only enjoy their activities if they can choose the right casino high roller . There are many criteria to consider in order to achieve your goal. That said, there are four particular things that are recommended to pay attention to:

  • License, security guarantee. The UKGC or MGA license demonstrates that the chosen casino adheres to the highest standards. The collection on the site should contain only certified games that have been verified by third-party auditors. Such casino highroller worthy of trust, can guarantee customers an unprecedented level of security.
  • Bonus offers, VIP program. The more bonuses the casino offers, the more effective high roller gambling will be. Promotions should not only target newcomers, but regular visitors as well. Having a VIP program is a good indication that the casino is looking out for their customers’ best interests in the long term.
  • Payment systems, limits, and withdrawal rules. The best casino will try to provide users with many different payment methods. It is good, if the money is deposited instantly, and winnings are withdrawn in the shortest time possible. And for large users to be able to withdraw solid amounts of money, the limits should be high.

Another important factor is the quality of the support team. The best casino professionals are often working with high rollers. Players should be able to use the highroller casino app . The app allows you to stay focused on your gambling experience, bet and take your winnings anywhere and anytime.

plus image Generous bonuses;
plus image Access to personalised promotions;
plus image The help of a personal manager;
plus image High withdrawal limits;
plus image Opportunity to participate in exclusive tournaments, events.
minus image Sometimes it is difficult to meet the wagering requirements of some bonuses;
minus image High risk when playing with high stakes.

Online Casino Games for High Rollers

Lots of exciting online games are available. But not all of them are suitable for effective high stakes gaming. Providers have adapted some games for high rollers, keeping in mind the interests of all categories of players. Professionals recommend that high rollers use card and table games. Firstly, they have fairly high limits. Secondly, you can apply different strategies in them to increase your chances of winning.

It is also important to pay attention to the quality of the software. Choose in high roller casino games with the level of the provider in mind. NextGenGaming, Microgaming, and iSoftBet are among the vendors that have done well.

Remember that you should only choose the best games. Consider the different options to see which types of online games are best suited for high rollers.

  • Slots. It’s not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Slots are games in which the outcome is determined randomly. It is impossible to influence the result of a spin. You can only use the strategy to calculate the size of the bets. A high roller is a player who prefers to play for big sums of money. Therefore, highroller slots should have high betting limits. The winnings in such cases will also be high, but you shouldn’t underestimate the level of risk either. Many casinos have free high roller slots adapted to the interests of big players. They often have a high RTP, as well as a wide betting range.
  • Blackjack is a game that is great for the high roller. First of all, blackjack has an almost 100% RTP. This means that high rollers will always have a high chance of winning. Secondly, you can use strategy to gain an extra edge. Give preference to tables with high limits. Opt for one-deck blackjack.
  • Roulette is also a good option. The casino has tables with high limits. Keep in mind that high roller roulette must give users high odds of winning. Therefore, you should not choose American roulette. European roulette or French roulette would be better suited for high rollers.
  • Baccarat is a high reward, high risk card game. Strategies can be used. The pot can increase to hundreds of thousands of pounds in just a few minutes. For high rollers, Speed Baccarat or Baccarat Banque are good choices.

Another category is highroller casino live . Live games are played against real croupiers. The live casino always has exclusive highroller tables.

Best high roller games

High Roller Bonus at Online Casino

High roller casino bonuses can improve your game, increase your chances of winning big. The casino offers various types of bonuses for high rollers:

  • No Deposit Bonus. Players can get a highroller casino bonus for registering an account, as like non gamstop no deposit bonus. Large customers can also expect gifts for birthdays and other festive occasions.
  • Freespins. You can get in highroller casino free spins for different types of activities on the site. For example, for funding your account. Non gamstop free spins allow you to win money without risking your own money
  • Cashback. This is one of the best bonuses for high rollers. The cashback bonus casino is based on the amount of money you lose. And since high rollers play with high stakes, they spend a lot of money. highroller casino bonus as a cashback is given to players and the loyalty program.
  • Free Play Hour Bonus. Not all casinos offer this bonus. But, with this bonus, you can not only enjoy the wins, but also test different games.

Please note that you can wager most of your Bonus Casino highroller bonus casino will be wagered. Refer to the wagering rules on the website.

How do I claim my High Roller Bonus?

The first thing a player deciding to get bonuses at high roller casino should do is pick a safe site to play. The requirements you should consider when choosing a casino were outlined above: availability of a license, use of algorithms for secure data transfer, 24/7 access to customer support, certified games, and so on. Once you have chosen the most reliable and secure high roller online casino , you should examine the bonuses offered.

High bonuses greatly increase your chances of winning. But do not forget about the wagering requirements. Carefully read the rules specified for high roller in a casino . Pay attention to their activation conditions. Keep in mind that many online casinos offer individual bonuses for high rollers. Check this information with the administrators on the website.

When the casino with bonuses is selected, activate the rewards and start playing. You can use in highroller casino no deposit bonus code to activate. Also, some bonuses are automatically activated after you make a deposit. All important information is listed on the website and is available to players .

Methods of payment in the casino for high rollers

The payment methods available in online casinos are very important for high rollers. This is especially true for those methods designed to withdraw winnings. casino high roller deposits large amounts of money. Therefore, it is advisable to look at bank transfers first. There are highroller casino with instant bank transfers. And the help of a personal manager will make financial transactions even faster.

Payment cards and e-wallets can also be used at highroller casino online for deposits and withdrawals. But don’t forget to check the limits set for financial transactions. These payment methods are not always suitable for frequent large sums of money.

Crypto-currency has been very popular among high rollers lately. This way guarantees confidentiality of personal data and security of transactions. Also, this option has the lowest transaction fees.

Eric Schfter (UK)
Eric Schfter (UK)
Casino Games Expert
In the highroller casino review, we have looked in detail at all the opportunities available to high rollers. High rollers are given special attention in many casinos. Such players can count on the help of personal managers. They are invited to private events and rewarded with generous gifts. The main thing is to choose the right casino for high rollers, so that you can enjoy big winnings.
Which casinos offer high roller bonuses?
Many online casinos offer generous bonuses for high rollers, give them gifts and allow them to participate in private tournaments.
What is the minimum amount for high rollers?
There is no specific limit. Each casino has its own requirements. But in any case, a high roller's deposit must not be less than the sum with three zeros, e.g. £1000.
How do I become a casino high roller?
To become a casino high roller, you must play at high stakes. High stakes must be a player's style over a long period of time.
Who is considered a casino high roller?
A casino high roller is a player who plays only high stakes games.
Who is considered a casino high roller?
A high roller in casinos is a player who plays only high stakes.
How do casinos treat high rollers?
Casinos are very supportive of high rollers. They get personal bonuses, the help of a dedicated account manager and many other perks.
How do I get an online high roller bonus?
To get a High Roller Bonus, you have to find the right casino and research the requirements for the bonus. Then activate it according to the current rules and start playing.
Are there any restrictions if I play with a high bonus?
All restrictions are stated in the bonus wagering requirements. The rules are published on the casino website and are available for review.
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