Bonuses of the best UK casinos 2022

Many gambling portals in United Kingdom offer interesting commendations, and it is our overview of casino bonuses that allows us to find the best of them. Many articles tell about the collection of slot machines and simulators. Often there is information about lotteries, sweepstakes, redemptions, contests and other gaming promotions. But not every establishment tells in detail about their bonus system and thus conceals the stumbling blocks from the players. As a result, users cannot take full advantage of the perks and bonuses, as for online casino deutschland legal most of the time they fulfil the function of a “nice sign”.

best casino bonuses

Overview of casino bonuses in 2022

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So that players from United Kingdom could find the best bonuses at the casino, we conducted a detailed analysis of the popular gaming platforms. New establishments that stand out against the backdrop of competing businesses were examined. They introduced new bonuses and refined existing offers for players. Bonuses open up great opportunities for users and increase their likelihood of winning. They bring extra money for registering on the website or are given out in the form of free spins. There are tiered bonuses that allow you to increase several starting game amounts at once. They offer users bonuses up to the fifth account replenishment. Our review focuses on identifying the types of bonuses in United Kingdom in 2022. It is based on personal experience of reviewing the proposals mentioned. Therefore, only those institutions that have the best conditions for obtaining and recovering bonuses for players are indicated in the ranking. With the ranking list, you can learn the basic rules of each commendation without registering. This saves you a lot of time and does not let you be cheated by fraudulent portals.

Bonuses in the casinos of United Kingdom

The most important factor in attracting new players to online casino sites are bonuses. Many players do not trust the stimulation system because they think it is a lure or a dodge that forces the player to go through the registration procedure. Another part of the users are convinced that the gifts of the institution can be deducted after all when they are converted into real money. To dispel myths about bonuses, we tell about their meaning and peculiarities, If a casino with a United Kingdom licence is afraid of losing its reputation, it will only sell honest bonuses and promotions on the website. The problem is that only long-standing and legal operators who have licensed documents value their popularity or reputation.For ordinary players, however, it is complicated to find real establishments from the wide range of variants. That is why our rating was created to help users from United Kingdom find a real casino with favourable bonuses. The system for receiving bonus offers is based on quick registration. This means that promotions become available only after the entry of elementary data: Email, phone number, name and surname, login, etc. It is not uncommon to have to enter a code from SMS or letter by e-mail for access to the bonus system. The profit transfer is much more complicated than receipt. In this case, credible information including passport data and place of residence must be provided. They require confirmation by loading scanning of passport, ID card or driving licence on the chosen gambling site. The reason is that there is a standard rule: a player can get the bonus only once. Therefore, the portals want to convince themselves whether you have other profiles for the contacts given. In doing so, entering information that is not credible simply leads to you being blocked and not being able to withdraw the money. However, nobody forces you to stick to only one gambling project. You are allowed to look for bonuses in other establishments from our list. At some of them you can even get deposit-free bonuses or try slots on temporary freebet.

Bonus diversity in the online casinos of United Kingdom

Today there are the following stimulations at popular casinos:

  • Deposit-free bonus. Some clubs choose to entice players with a no deposit bonus for registration. For example, 5-30 euros to the account with no possibility of withdrawal before recovery. This is natural because the establishments do not deal with the welfare activity and do not spend the money to each player for the withdrawal. This would simply make the online casinos of United Kingdom lose money. Therefore, additional funds must be recovered. This is a kind of credit for the bets without the possibility of losing personal money. And if you fulfil the conditions of the vadeger, then you can easily get the gift. It works as follows: you will be credited with a bonus of 10 euros with a Vadeger x30. That means, for the withdrawal you have 30 times more funds = 300 euros to spin with the simulators.
  • Doubling the starting money deposit. This method is similar to the previous method. To receive a gift, it is necessary to make a minimum cash deposit. How much you have deposited is how much you will receive. There are limits to the amount of accessible bonus funds. For example, a bonus of 100 % up to 100 dollars. If you deposit 200 dollars, you will still get 100 dollars in your account. This buffer allows you to get used to the gambling club when playing on the bonus funds. And if you win back the amount received, then you can withdraw it after authorisation or verification on the site.
  • Freespins. Bonuses are used exclusively on slot machines and slots. Their essence is to grant bonus spins without losing money. They can be credited as a no-deposit bonus for registration or upon realisation of a minimum cash deposit. An average amount of such gifts is 20-50. The win-back system is identical to the previous variants. The money received after freespins is to be turned over according to the terms and conditions of the vadeger.
  • Reload bonuses. These are renewable stimuli accessible to users once a day, week or month. Such a gift can be a cashback of the amount of funds lost in the previous week. There are variants with percentage gifts for depositing money once a day. They all need a cashback as well.
  • Temporary bonuses. These are gifts on special days, festive events, the institution’s birthday or the player’s name day. They are granted to regular customers on an individual basis. They can be deposit-free bonuses, deposit gifts or technology, souvenirs, sports shirts, etc.

Types of bonuses in United Kingdom casinos in 2022

Currently, online casinos use many irresistible offers to catch players to the website. There are also offers for regular customers to retain an already existing user group. The growing market demand and strong competition between gambling platforms force to develop new gambling stocks or use the most profitable of them. Let’s look together at the popular types of casino bonuses in 2022:

  • Bonuses without deposit
Agent NoWager Casino
€5 + 10 Free Spins
Fortune Clock Casino
5 € + 35 Free Spins
Kaboom Slots casino logo
Kaboom Slots Casino
175% at to 40 EUR up to 1 000 EUR

This commendation shows the authority position and creditworthiness of the institution. If the owners of the portals are not insincere, it can be obtained thanks to a simple registration on the website. Often, the conditions prescribe methods of registration of contact and personal information that must be confirmed. This is done in a simple way by sending you a letter and SMS notification. In the first case, you should follow the linking activator, and in the second case, you should search for and enter the unlock code. This bonus for new players is available once. It is a kind of motivation for users to follow up on the registration procedure on the website. However, this does not mean that the resulting no deposit bonus can be withdrawn instantly in a convenient way. It is a known fact that gambling establishments do not engage in charity. Therefore, the rule to win back the money received is not strange.

best casino bonuses

Money or free spins received on the game account have a wager. This indicator shows the number of scrolling (of spins) of the total amount of funds received or earned on free spins. It is presented in the form of a coefficient that varies between x20 and x50 at the establishments of popular United Kingdom casinos. The money withdrawal system involves recovery according to the following example: You have received a gift without deposit of 10 euros. The wager of this proposal is x30. In this case, depending on the rules, you must wager €10 – X30 = €300 on bets placed in slot machines or other simulators to access the cash withdrawal. Take into account the limit, which is quite often €100. It is important to understand that no deposit bonuses can only be used once. If you create new accounts for the same contacts, you will not only not receive additional money, but also a lifetime ban. The administration deletes all open accounts on the website and it is unlikely that you will get back any honestly earned money either.

  • Cash bonus without deposit

This is an analogue to a no-deposit surprise, which is posted to the player’s account as a modest amount of money. No cash injections are required in the process either. Its core, however, lies in the fact that its rules state the period of validity on the casino website. After this time, it is completely removed from your account. In some establishments, you can use it to earn real money minus this amount. And other casinos simply use it to advertise new free slots and games. In our ranking, you will only find honest clubs that practice free spins in the form of user support. This allows you to make real winnings without personal losses when you bid out the amount of money received from the administration.

  • Sign-up bonus

This is a starting bonus for the first amount played, available to beginners immediately after registration. It is much more profitable than a no balance replenishment bonus as it is implemented on a website with a lower wagering indicator. This means that you do not have to spin the reels of the slots for 4-5 hours to recover the amount of the no deposit bonus. That is why it is most often used by professional players. The first play amount bonus in uk casinos can vary between 100% and 300% of the booked amount. Its size depends on the size of the amount played, taking into account the monetary limit set. Often the maximum bonus is 100-300 euros. This gift must also be won back. However, unlike the no deposit bonus, the wagers here reach the x40 mark, which speeds up and simplifies recovery for players.

  • Bonus to the game amount

It is about a restart or reload bonus. It can be used several times on the online casino website. It provides for the withdrawal of money of a certain amount or percentage of the minimum amount or the amount specified in the rules of the game. Often such bonuses are issued on weekdays, for example on Monday or Friday. They may be counted once a month. For example, they are counted on memorable days and special events every 9 May. These wagers must be recovered through standard wagers of x30-x50.

  • Cashback amount

This automatic bonus is almost always posted to players without their participation. It is based on the return of part of the money lost in the game. It is counted as a percentage of the total amount played, the amount of recovery lost, etc. cashback bonus

Cashback amount is counted over a certain period of time. There is a daily, weekly, monthly return. Its size varies between 3-50% in United Kingdom online casinos. Often the cashback amount depends on the player’s status on the portal site. This bonus has a low wagering level. It should be won back 1-20 times as much as possible.

  • Free roll turning

Some online establishments give players free spins without a deposit or to top up their account. They can be used in certain slots or in all games of the provider. In the rules of the bonus, the amount of the commendation is prescribed, for example, 10-50 free spins. Available slots and maximum bet size are also displayed. Wagering is also present here. These wagers are characterised by low wagering compared to other gifts for a play amount.

Special or welcome offers

napoli casino logo
Casino napoli
Welcome bonuses
Patrick Spins casino logo
Patrick Spins Casino
175% from 40 EUR
Fancy Reels Casino logo
Fancy Reels
175% at to 40 EUR
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Casigood Casino
Bonus 5€

If you are comfortable with the standard bonuses of popular portals for United Kingdom players, you can learn special bets. These include:

  • High Roller Bonus

Such an offer is interesting for players who prefer large payments on the online casino website. High rollers can receive impressive percentage surcharges for large game amounts. Often the limits for such users are between 1,000 and 5,000 euros. An example of such bonuses is a gift of 200 % of the account replenishment of 1,000 euros. In addition, lottery tickets, invitations to special raffles and more can be counted.

  • Bonus for attached friend

If you liked the gaming establishment and promoted it to friends, you can claim a new subscriber bonus. It is based on the withdrawal of part or the full amount of the starting game amount of the player you bring. Once he has passed registration and made the first cash withdrawal, you will instantly receive a mirror size of the reward. It is important that your friend enters the casino through your referral link.

  • Birthday bonus

Established establishments do not forget the birthday in their ranks and reward them with special bonuses as part of the loyalty programme. Such a gift is counted in the form of a no deposit bonus or free spins. Such a bonus is only available to verified accounts. Therefore, fill out the questionnaire in your personal account in advance to the players. Then upload documents to the website and finish authenticating the profile.

  • VIP Bonus

Players with a loud VIP status become users with extended financial possibilities. Gambling portals try to offer maximum comfort to active players who make large -gambling contributions. Therefore, the management likes to acquire special perks. Users earn internal points and advance in the ranking of the best on the site. This is done by granting additional cash bonuses, access to exclusive sweepstakes, accelerated cash withdrawals, personal assistance services, lower commission percentage for withdrawals and an increased limit for winnings payouts.

  • Promo codes

This is a separate type of commendation that only the most active players receive. Bonus codes are alphanumeric combinations that give access to bonuses when you enter them on the casino website. They activate bonuses only after the account has been topped up and they have been inserted into a special field. This can be done during registration or in the player’s personal account. Sometimes you need to present promo codes in correspondence with the institution’s support. Their difference is the need to search for them manually. Sometimes they are emailed to active users for frequent play amounts. Most often, promo codes can be accessed in the casino’s groups on social networks. They can be won in contests or tournaments on the website. Promo codes bonuses also require reclamation. And the bonus codes themselves have a validity period. If you don’t have time to use it, the bonus will expire after some time.

Mobile casino bonuses

The game halls are ready to encourage any activity with bonuses. In online casino bonuses UK is a popular practice because it is beneficial to both customers and the gambling hall. The latter gets a client who will not be lost due to the inaccessibility of the site, and the user has:

  • the opportunity to play on the road and on vacation;
  • reduced traffic when playing from your phone;
  • accelerated loading of interface elements;
  • Fast access to support and a securely linked account;
  • additional verification by phone number.

To this list of free casino bonuses UK also adds a promo code or link to get freespins or freepoints, which makes the offer even more profitable. No one will oblige you to play only in the app for the sake of UK online casino bonuses. In most halls the right to choose is left to the client, the password and login for the two versions of entry is the same.

Bonus hunting and casino restrictions

best first deposit bonus casino

Not so long ago, gambling establishments issued bonuses with the possibility of withdrawing them immediately after they were credited. They were often used by fraudsters who escape with bonus money instantly after registration. This process is called bonus hunting, when dishonest players create fake accounts in search of additional bonuses. Therefore, special methods have been introduced to protect the institution from intruders. They are the previously stated wager. This guarantees fair play and transparency of the rules of recovery. This condition has ensured the maximum level of protection for financial resources of the institution. As mentioned above, the bet is responsible for the number of spins of the total amount of money accrued in the form of a bonus. There are also bonuses without wagering requirements. However, they require additional conditions, for example, to receive a play amount for withdrawal. The money withdrawal itself is almost always limited by the amount allowed. For example, you have been booked a 20 euro bonus and you have wagered it 40 times to 800 euros. Immediately after that, you tried to create a request to withdraw the funds you won. However, according to the terms and conditions of the portal, players can only withdraw 100 euros of bonus money. This is advantageous if the amount available for the withdrawal bonus for activation exceeds a required amount of the gaming amount. Slots and slots are often quite work-friendly. The declared percentage of return on invested funds can reach 98%. Therefore, the probability of recovering bonus funds is quite high. But smart portals often close access to the most generous slot machines of the classic type and fruity devices with a high win rate. This fact must also be taken into account when choosing bonuses for the game.

Sticky and non sticky bonus UK

Today, there are many establishments in United Kingdom that offer many bonuses on the website. Literally, you are entitled to crazy amounts of bonus money that actually turn out to be completely unprofitable. Such wagers are called a sticky bonus. Portals, however, almost never use this concept on their websites. To understand how sticky rewards work, let’s take a look at classic best non sticky bonus casino uk. Basically, they are bonuses for filling up the balance or passing the registration, for loyalty bonus and activity on the website, for losing funds, etc. The peculiarity of such commendations is the possibility of withdrawing money after meeting the set conditions of wagering. Players only need to bet a certain amount of money on the slot machines and get access to the cash withdrawals. In the matter of sticky gifts, everything is not so simple. According to the casino conditions, you can use money from the administration on bets. If you meet the condition of a bet, the portal will simply write it off from your account balance. But these bonuses are usually of a grandiose size and offer a no deposit bonus of 500 euros or 500% of the amount played. It is clear that it is very difficult to win this money back or use it beneficially. Beginners without experience in the gambling industry are taught commendations by this size without paying proper attention to the rules. After losing time and possibly their own money, they cannot withdraw or win back money due to high betting stakes. Therefore, professional players never recommend choosing such gifts if the risk of losing their own money is too high. And if the bonus does not fit your pocket, you only risk lost time. For example, you become a new member of the establishment and receive a no deposit bonus with a high wager. This is a sticky bonus because it is extremely difficult to win back. However, some may still be able to satisfy the high wager But to withdraw money, you must make a minimum play amount. However, this is not a gift from the club, but your personal money. The benefits of such commendations are doubtful.

Where can you spend bonuses?

casino bonuses uk

You need to play bonuses in trusted establishments from our ranking of the best. The problem is that scammers cleverly use bonuses to trap users into their website. It is unlikely that a hacked portal will be fully identified by players without experience. Therefore, you do not have to risk your money on the first amount you play to get a bigger bonus. As the unwritten rules of bonuses state, you must spend them in establishments with suitable slots. For example, slots with high percentages of return and frequency of forming winning combinations allow you to satisfy the wager. One-armed bandits and simple fruit-themed slot machines appear in these games. Slots with jewels and a minimum of bonus options are also suitable. They do not have many symbols, so you can collect them in combinations more quickly. In this case, it is worth looking for a portal with bonus conditions where the games of such companies are not prohibited: Novomatic, Igrosoft, Megajack, NetEnt, Microgaming. In fact, fraudulent portals very often state on their websites the rules according to which it is forbidden to play games of these brands in exchange for bonuses. If you choose an establishment from our list, you can’t worry about recovering a bonus on it. The online casino sites have transparent rules and a certified random number generator.

Bonus Test 2022

best online casino welcome bonus

To test the bonus system of the portals given in the ranking, we spent our own time and money. When analysing online casinos, experts were allocated a certain budget to activate the popular types of bonuses. We are talking about starting gift for a game amount. Also without deposits types of commendations were tested. For the test, a neutral slot machine was chosen, which are most often found on the website of famous institutions in United Kingdom: Gonzo’s Quest, Crazy Monkey, Champagne Party. We took bonuses without free spins, which were exclusively converted into money. With a no deposit bonus and a x40 bet, we started the first slot. The test process was carried out exclusively at small and medium prizes, as the budget for this test was 5-10 euros. In most establishments, this bonus was difficult to win back, as the wagering remains high. Of the 10 gambling establishments taken, it was possible to withdraw the bonus only in 3x. A welcome gift in the form of 100% of the gaming amount resulted more leniently. When filling up the account in the amount of 50 euros, we received another 50 as a gift with the bet x30. The game also used 10 establishments and the same slot machines. Firstly, we were able to win back the bonus in 5 of the selected portals. Secondly, it took much less time. You can also see various interesting offers at non uk registered gambling sites for a larger selection of different online casino bonus options. From this it can be concluded that bonuses in clubs from the ranking of the best in United Kingdom are bonus money to be given away. The minus, however, is the duration of this procedure as well as the choice of bonus for the amount played.

How to choose a bonus?

Many players do not know the intricacies of the bonus system and activate the next best bonus that comes up. This is not worth it, as it only leads to financial losses. Learn more about the conditions and follow the simple tips below:

  • Bonuses by country – always specify the possibility of activating bonuses in your country. Sometimes institutions conceal such a prohibition and express it only at the stage of withdrawing money from the winnings.
  • Amount of reward – You don’t have to rely on the simplicity of recovering huge bonuses. It is more correct to choose small bonuses that can be recovered and withdrawn more quickly with popular payment systems in United Kingdom.
  • Wager – often it comes to the impressive size of a wager. You don’t have to suffer much and win back bonuses with a wager over x50. It will take a lot of time and will hardly bring any profit.
  • Reward rules – Read the wagering requirements carefully. In addition to the wagering requirement, the establishments often specify certain slot machines on which you can play for bonus money. Often the RTP of such bonus-free games is too low. And in roulette, poker or blackjack, it is completely forbidden to play bonuses.
  • Stumbling blocks – Read the conditions for bonuses to the end. We know this is stressful. But they often include little things like forbidden wagering of bonus funds in a risk game. Even in the case of recovery, you can make a minimum amount of play mandatory. Non-standard terms and conditions abound and not all of them are on the player’s side.Follow our recommendations and read the reviews on the website. This will help you succeed in the online casino industry.

Studying the casino and its rules

Careful preliminary study of the rules of the casino will save you from other surprises. In the user agreement casino bonuses UK with exact numbers and deadlines spelled out all the details:

  • requirements for the user (age, country);
  • financial instruments (type, terms, limits, reasons for refusal);
  • types of bonus programs, the rules for fulfilling the conditions by exact characteristics;
  • terms of crediting and withdrawal of funds.

In best uk casino bonuses are accrued only at the initiative of the client, and even in case of mistaken activation they can be cancelled before use. In best online casino bonuses UK there will be no promo codes without a description of what it gives and what restrictions it imposes – entering a promo code in all the halls is equivalent to signing an additional contract.

It’s worth asking a couple of tough questions of technical support to verify the hall. In quality teams asking for a license number or explaining how to withdraw money in a particular country will not cause difficulties. On an unscrupulous site, the support team will either not work, or will allow themselves to advise to invest, even if the player admits that he wants to play from the country on the stop list. The manager of a licensed room will apologize, but warn that service in such a case is impossible.

Time limits

According to legal requirements, all details of the main and additional user agreements must be presented to the player before signing. First and foremost, this applies to bonuses – the best casino bonuses UK, presenting the promotion, prescribes:

  • conditions of accrual;
  • terms of conducting;
  • terms of performance of conditions;
  • rewards and penalties for violation of conditions.

The last point is fundamental, because the main penalty from the best online casino bonuses in the UK – simply writing off the bonus, which is also warned in the cash register. The timing is of fundamental importance. The need to wagering a large amount with a large wager within 2-3 days can deprive you of the opportunity to profit from the promotion.
The wager is a multiplier. Having received from UK casino bonuses £100, the player must make bets for 30-70 thousand. And this takes time. If, however, in a week it is necessary to deposit again for a new step of the program, the action can be considered unprofitable. Not prescribed terms can be an unpleasant surprise.


Eric Schfter (UK)
Eric Schfter (UK)
Casino Games Expert
I would like to share my opinion on casino charts - a resource thanks to which I now use the most profitable bonuses. In online casino games, I like to use slot rewards. This way you can not only get additional funds, but also evaluate how interesting the slot is. Previously, I had to spend a long time looking for gambling club websites and independently determine how profitable the promotional programme was for a particular resource. With Casino Charts, everything has become much easier: I go here and see all the information on one page.

As 2022 begins, I look forward to the emergence of new online casinos. Old resources have already been tried, so I want to have new experiences. When I go to the rating page, I immediately pay attention to the short overview included in the description for each club. For me, it is important that the online casino offers free spins and bonuses for deposit. After I go to the site, I make sure that this is the case and start playing.

A big plus of this portal is constantly updated information. Outdated data is never here. I am sure of this because I often visit the rating page and see real changes. Updating information helps me a lot: I never miss a single profitable bonus. Risk game, free spins, bonuses for deposit or incentives without deposit - information about all incentives in different online casinos on this resource is always up-to-date.

I often sign up at new casinos because they offer great bonuses. I noticed that you can trust these gaming sites: There is always a support service working here, there are documents from gaming commissions for activities. When new sites are added to the ranking, they are considered trustworthy by search engines. Trust gaming resources are reliable, with stable payments, favourable conditions and other advantages.

I recommend Casino Charts to all players. I will notice some advantages of this site:

- always fresh rating of gaming sites: Information is constantly updated;
- Convenient to use: the site does not contain unnecessary information with ratings. It is not overloaded in terms of content and design.
- High reliability: trustworthy gambling sites are offered here. In addition, the online casinos on the site are licensed and have round-the-clock support service, stable payments, transparent terms of use of the site and bonuses whose winnings are paid to casino customers.
It is worth finding a suitable online casino on the Casino Charts page.