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Logically then, if you were offered free money at an online casino, you would view it with doubt. The fact is that casinos and slots rooms give away free money to stay aggressive in what is a very tough market. Just like a store may new slot sites no deposit required UK give away free samples, free gambling money and no deposit bonuses are the gambling industry’s way of getting you to try before you buy.

A no deposit bonus of £10 may just persuade you to download their casino rather than their competitor. As a new player, you get to try all the casino games risk free, and there is no obligation to deposit any real cash, unless of course you want to. You can win real money on a no deposit bonus, and can even cash out your winnings.

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So are there drawbacks to accepting a no deposit bonus from a casino or poker room? Well, whilst free money can be a good way of trying a new gambling site, there are some restrictions on no deposit bonuses. Usually the maximum amount you can win on a free chip is restricted, and you will usually have to wager the bonus a certain amount before a withdrawal is allowed.

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Also, the casino games which you are allowed to play may be limited; free chips are often not allowed to be used on new slot sites UK no deposit required, or on some table games like blackjack. In general, free chips are best free online slots with bonuses used on slots or video poker.

There is a new type of no deposit bonus which has become very popular lately, the free minute’s bonus. The casino gives you a bankroll, and a time limit. You use the time allotted to try to win as much money as possible, and when time runs out you can transfer your winnings into your real account.

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Normally, the amount you can transfer is limited, and you usually need to make a small deposit in order to transfer your winnings. These types of bonuses are really generous deposit bonuses rather than true no deposit bonuses.

If you accept a no deposit bonus, and you win big, you will only be allowed to cash out the maximum amount allowed on the free chip. This situation has occurred quite a few times and it is very disappointing for  new mobile slot sites UK the player to be denied their big win.

This is definitely something worth taking into account when considering whether to play a free chip. Sometimes, it is better to make a small deposit – £20 or so if you want to try a new casino. Not only will you be able to keep all of your winnings, but you will probably also qualify for a bonus on your first deposit.