Is playing online bingo more thrilling than online slot games?


Online bingo and slot games are equally popular, entertaining and rewarding. Both are the most-sought after games over the Web and dominating the online gambling industry at present. Most of the online players play either for entertainment or winning jackpots. And both, slot machines and bingo games, offer plenty of chances to players to hit the jackpot. Both games are based on luck and chance. Although planning a strategy might help you a bit, still results are broadly based on luck and chance.

Bingo games have a glorious past. Since the game has come online, it has been diversified into many variants that offer unparallel entertainment and rewards to players. Broadly, we have 75ball, 90ball, 80ball,30ball and 5 Line bingo games online wherein players can find out different patterns, symbols and game-play. Each variant has a unique offering in terms of entertainment and game-play. Players have to choose the variant and accordingly starting prize is chosen followed by number of bingo balls, percentage, ticket price and time.

In the same manner, online slot games work. These games come in various designs, patterns and symbols and players have to choose their favourite slot to get started. However, in slot machines players will get a choice of simple slots, video slots and progressive slots. Those who want to earn big payouts or jackpots can go with jackpot slots. Here, players have to spin the wheel to win big money. The ticket prices vary from slot to slot. The only difference is that in bingo you have to buy tickets to play any particular variants, and in slot machines you have to spin the reels. Thus, both games are quite similar in nature and offer thrilling experience to players. These two games are very much in demand and ruling the online gambling scene today.

But the real factor which adds to your thrilling experience while playing any of the two games online is Site Selection. It is the biggest factor which can either decrease or increase your entertainment or rewards quotient while playing any of the two games.

Nowadays, there are many online gambling sites to choose from. It is confusing at times but players have to set the vision straight and set while choosing a site. If you are going for slot machines, then choose a slot specific site which offers freebies and bonuses during the signup process followed by thrilling slot machines in the game lobby. By choosing these features, you will surely increase your entertainment and rewards quotient while playing slot machines. On the other hand, if you are a bingo enthusiast, choose a site which is bingo specific and offers a great bonus deal during signup and some free tickets so that you can start your free journey without paying anything from your pocket.

Thus, to get thrilling experience while playing slot machines or bingo games, it is very important to invest good time in site selection. If the site is operated by a reliable and popular network then you will surely get a thrilling experience while playing any of the two games.